• The Traffic Light Teacher

    Zulu is South Africa’s most commonly spoken language (23% of our population are first language Zulu ...

Police called in to restore order after a crowd gathered to witness cheating wife and her lover locked together

The Power of Muthi?

To most people it’s just a bit of tabloid gossip, but this story of marital infidelity shows how some traditional beliefs, while bizarre sounding to many, still pay a strong role in the lives of people in our community. What police are referring to as ‘penis captivus’ (when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis making […]

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Why Themba Stopped Talking & Other Stories

The benefits of reading cannot be understated, but with the onslaught of visual media that we face everyday, it’s becoming harder and harder to pull ourselves away from our computer screens and focus on our reading. Even harder for children whose first language isn’t English, and who struggle to find books written in their native tongue, with […]

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Preparing and drying out freshly picked mutis

Jerry’s Stories: January

Jerry is our resident expert when it comes to clan praises, but now and again a story will tempt him to stray from his research, and instead he provides us with a fascinating tale that makes your hair stand on end! Last month Jerry wrote about the potions that men use when they think that their fiancée or wife might […]

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